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Bridges and Dentures



This is an option for filling the space created by a missing tooth. It is formed to look like the missing tooth, and it takes its place in the mouth. The sides of a bridge use the two surrounding teeth for support, hence the name. A bridge replaces the missing tooth, both functionally and cosmetically. Bridge work is as much an art as it is an exact science. The materials used may be gold alloys, porcelain bonded to metal alloy, or all ceramic material. The choice of material depends on requirements for strength, wear, and/or esthetics.

It is important that a missing tooth be replaced as soon as possible for several reasons. If not treated the teeth surrounding the gap begin to shift inward, creating a whole chain reaction of bad things. Teeth use their neighbors for support, and, with one missing, they start to “fall.” As this worsens the bite changes in response to the pressure. This can eventually result in problems with the entire jaw, e.g. temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ). The surrounding teeth deteriorate and it is just a matter of time before they, too, are lost. Gum disease becomes a serious problem, with the difficulty of treatment increasing as the neglect continues.


There are different types of dentures, but they share their common function. They replace teeth that have become loose or been lost due to bone loss or decay.  When bone loss around the roots of teeth is great enough to loosen them or let them fall out, it’s time for dentures.  No one enjoys losing their natural teeth, but you can still eat and talk regularly.

At Arnold Family Dentistry the entire mouth is examined and a determination is made as to which teeth will have to be removed, and which will remain. The loose teeth are then extracted. Full dentures or partial dentures are fitted to go over or around whatever teeth remain in the mouth.  There is an adjustment period after dentures are placed in the mouth, and it can take some getting used to. But once accustomed to the dentures, all the normal functionality and appearance returns.  Most patients are so happy with their replacement teeth, they often say they wish they did it sooner.  You don't need to suffer with loose, painful teeth or teeth that you are embarrassed by.  Free consultations are always offered.  

We are pleased to share some amazing before and after photos of patients from Arnold Family Dentistry.  Are you wanting to create a new smile for a new you?  Please give us a call -  we are passionate about smiles! 

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